Toilet Tube Peacock



I love recycling. You can find lots of recyclable plastic bottles, tins, newspaper and boxes in my house. (Yup, my house is a bit messy sometimes.)Instead of throwing it straight into trash, I keep it and then either sell it or donate it for charity. There is one more thing that I always wanted to do with these recyclable items is to give it a second life before sending it off to the recycling station.

I must admit that I am not a creative person, but luckily there are tonnes of creative ideas from the Internet!  This one is from the website

I am not doing it myself, instead I let DouDou to do it. She loves it and she has almost finished everything on her own! All I did was showed her the webpage, gave her the toilet paper roll and colour papers. I helped her to fold the top of the roll and guide her on how to wrap it, she finished the rest.

There was no step by step instructions or template on that webpage. DouDou drew and cut everything by looking at a photo only.


Work in progress
Only the yellow and light blue craft paper were bought from book store, the rest are all recycled. E.g. the eyes and stomach part were cut from old catalogues/ pamphlets.


Finishing product
Yeah! Here is the peacock craft made by DouDou. Though it doesn't really looks like the one in the background. but I think it is good enough for a 6 years old who do it for the first time.


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